An entertaining jaunt through some current trends that I could I live without. The last point “Recording Violent Acts for Worldstar Hip Hop” addresses a serious failing in the current social mentality.

Because I Said So

There’s so many, many things I could write about today, but I’ll take easy road andcover what I’d originally planned: trends. Trends are things that are hot, but only for a brief moment. They’re all the rage until something better comes along. Remember wearing Tretorns or Herringbone necklaces (I’m from Memphis, don’t judge me)? Or how about, wearing overalls with one strap hanging off? Trends never stop. The world is a big azz Forever 21, and we keep going back for buy one, get two free sales. Here are a few trends in our culture that I want to go away IMEEGIDLY!

Skinny Jeans (for men)

I don’t want to see my man or any man for that matter, rocking these skinny jeans. I’m the only one rocking the skinnies around here. Some would say it’s no different from NBA players wearing tight “hooping shorts” in the 1970s, but yes, it…

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