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The other day, I posted about how I was inundated with the walking dead.  Even though I’m still on the run, I didn’t want to wait much longer to thank the generous bloggers for some recent award nominations.

Thank you to Matt at Wantoncreation for passing along the Inspiring Blog Award.  I really enjoy his blog because it has given me some great ideas for my own posts.

Arab Writer Chick (great name) and Midnight Coffee Monster (talk about creativity!) were kind to remember little ole me for the Lovely Blog Award.  Thanks guys!  Arab Writer Chick writes beautiful poetry that packs a punch with every word.  If you can’t sleep and are looking for company (besides a good book), Raya at Midnight Coffee Monster says you are not alone.  She’s reading a bunch of books that look particularly intriguing. I love that about book blogs.  I know the kinds of books I would pick up, but I’m always curious at what someone else will read.

Thank you, also, Arab Writer Chick for the Thanks for Writing Award.

I’m going to vary the rules a little bit since I’m doing one giant award blog post.


  1. Post picture of award.
  2. Say some stuff about yourself (see below).
  3. Pass the award on.

More about Me.

  1. I love buying calendars. I’ll buy them for me or for other people.  I buy fashion, art, travel, nature or animal themed calendars.  I like to put 2 or 3 in one room and arrange them so that one shows the present month, one shows the month ahead and the other shows the month behind.  This way I can look at all the pretty pictures and still plan ahead.  And you thought my post grad degree was useless, right? See, it pays to shell out thousands of dollars for edu-ma-cation.  Don’t you have a smart phone, you might ask.  Well, yes, I do. But I like looking at my wall and seeing pictures of beaches or beautiful clothes.
  2. Dogs.  I love animals.  Right now, I have a big black lab named Ranger who we rescued about 5 years ago.  He has been the best dog and he’s so kind to my children.  When he is hungry, he comes up to me and coughs as if to say “ahem. ahem.  feed me pleeeeze.”   I just took him to the groomers to get pretty-fied (I like to invent words, too).
  3. I’d really like a
    Pembroke Corgi

    Pembroke Corgi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Corgi though.  Aren’t they just the cutest little things?  I just love how cute they are and their short little legs.  I have to convince Mr. LT to let me get one.  Since Corgi’s are on the smaller side, I think it should count as only half a dog and then we can get another one.  Maybe a Dobe, next.

  4. English: Example of Mangoes, shoot in Taipei, ...Mangoes.  Mangoes are my favorite summer fruit.  Cut them up and put them on salad or mango salsa on fish or a mango fruit parfait.  And mango smoothies.  The season is short, so I want to eat as much as I can so that I don’t spend the rest of the year craving them. My favorite kinds of mangoes are the Manila mangoes, but it’s really hard to get those if you’re in North America.  Luckily, I can find Champagne Mangoes from Mexico in my neck of the woods.  Yum!
  5. Sleeping In.  As much as I try, I can’t sleep in past 7am.  At first, this was because my parents got me up early (“No lazing around in bed!”) They also preached moralistic little rhymes like “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”   I hated it, but I haven’t been able to escape. Maybe if it is said often enough to a child, it eventually curses them so they can’t have a long lie-in.

Nominations for Lovely Blog Award:

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Nominations for Inspiring Blog Award:


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Nominations for Thanks for Writing Award:



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By no means is this an exhaustive list.  Please forgive me if I haven’t named your blog, I do appreciate all the blogs that I read and follow.

Thanks for reading.