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On my shelf is a copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

My favorite fairy tales contained all the right ingredients —  adventure, love, a beautiful heroine, a gallant hero, and a villain — to send a little girl to the Land of Nod.  I don’t think I will ever out grow fairy tales, and I don’t care.  Actually, I’m kind of glad because if they are done right, we can get some good movies out of them.

If milk baths made us all look this fabulous, then get the Calgon and take me away.

I saw Snow White and the Huntsman (starring Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth).  If you haven’t viewed the trailer yet, you can take a look at it here.  I didn’t expect too much.  Kristen Stewart is not one of my favorite actresses, and although Chris Hemsworth is a yummy piece of eye candy, I didn’t go to see him either.  What caught my eye was the stunning scenes with Charlize Theron, who played the wicked queen, Ravenna.

The costumes for the wicked queen are fabulous! In contrast, poor Snow White has to dress in rags for most of the film.

Although the title of the film is “Snow White and the Huntsman”, I think the true focal point was Ravenna.  She was the most intriguing character and was the driving force of the plot.  Theron played her villainous role well.  After the wicked queen was introduced, I didn’t particularly care if Snow White would regain her kingdom or not.  Well, maybe I did care, not because I was rooting for her but because I wanted to know how Ravenna would meet her end.

The writers and producers did a great job incorporating the mirror, the apple and who is fairest in a new but still recognizable way.

I liked how the film explored Ravenna’s back story to answer the question of what makes a wicked queen. I was disappointed that there wasn’t more about that, but if the writers and directors did go down that road, I’m betting that poor Snow White and her Huntsman would have been guest stars rather than main characters.

Surprisingly, Stewart’s Snow White wasn’t as annoying as I thought she would be.  I actually liked her better in this role than when she was Bella Swan.

Chris Hemsworth is the Huntsman (aka Thor with an axe rather than a hammer).

Chris Hemsworth was lukewarm. I don’t think it was a bad performance, but his character didn’t do anything for me.

There are a lot of Snow White movies out there.  Here are some that I found:

  1. Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
  2. Snow White (starring Dame Diana Rigg) (1987)
  3. Snow White A Tale of Terror (starring Sigourney WeaverTV movie 1997)
  4. Snow White The Fairest of them All (starring Miranda Richardson – TV movie 2001)
  5. The 10th Kingdom (starring Kimberly Williams – TV Miniseries 2000)
  6. Mirror Mirror (starring Julia Roberts – 2012)
  7. Faerie Tale Theater: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1982)

Speaking of villains, I can’t wait until Maleficent hits the theaters.  She is one of my favorite villains of all times.

Angelina Jolie looks great as Maleficent.

Did you see Snow White and the Huntsman? What did you think of it?