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Hands down, the biggest thrill is to get a letter from a kid saying, I loved your book.  Will you write me another one?

~~ Kate DiCamillo

Books are fun to read and write about.  Even bad books can be useful (e.g “fun to bash”).

So thank you, Cricketmuse, for acknowledging my book blog and nominating me for the Booker Award, an award for blogs whose content are at least 50% about books (reading and writing are okay too.) The Cricketmuse blogs about books and other observations. I chuckled while reading her post about people watching at the airport.  (Who doesn’t love doing that?)


1.  Nominate other blogs (they say between 5-10), but nominate as many or as few as you want.  Don’t forget to let your recipients know.

2.  Post the Booker Award picture.

3.  Share your top 5 books of all time. EEEEEK!  (See below on how I will fudge on this rule.)

It’s hard enough to choose nominees, but how do I limit myself to five books?  I’ll do so with this disclaimer:  My list of top five books are not really the top five books I have ever read but are only five books amongst my favorite books of all time.

TOP FIVE BOOKS (In No Particular Order)

1.  The Bible.  (I haven’t read it all, but that doesn’t mean it’s not at the top of my list).

2.  The Chronicles of Narnia (by C.S. Lewis).

3.  The Harry Potter Series (by J.K. Rowling)

4.  The Belgariad and Mallorean Series (by David Eddings)

5.  The Alchemist (by Paulo Coelho)

(And yes, I know I kind of cheated because I included three series. I’m sneaky that way.)

Nominations (Pass award on to 5-10 other book blogs)

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Another Shout-Out.

Thanks also to the following bloggers for the following nominations:

Book Bimbo for nominating me for the Reader Appreciation Award and

Easyondeyes for nominating me for One Lovely Blog Award.

I’ve already accepted these awards, so I won’t do another blog post about them.  If you love books (peppered with other observations), you’ll want to have a visit.

Thank you all for following and reading.  Happy page turning!