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About a month ago, I mentioned that Mr. LT’s birthday bash had a zombie theme.

Here is how the final decor turned out.  We had some friends (who are great photographers) memorialize the day.


Zombie Centerpieces: With a few twigs, black ribbon, canning jars, card stock, stamps, black ink, shipping tags, foil and picture holders, you too can create your own centerpiece.

This is just a regular shipping tag that I stamped.

The Zombie Survival Guide — a must read to survive the zombie apocalypse.

The centerpieces also had two flameless candles in candle holders. This picture shows it a little better.

Each place setting had a tip from the Zombie Survival Guide. Let it not be said that our guests didn’t learn anything.

That’s probably the last time I will plan any more zombie themed parties, but it was a lot of fun.

Do you like to plan parties? What themes have you incorporated?

Attributions and Acknowledgements

The images above were photographed by Aimee and Dustin at Hatcher Studio.