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It was the kilt that caught my eye. I only wish the story lived up to the cover art.

Dr. Emmy MacKenzie is an American vacationing in Scotland.  While visiting Duart Castle, she is transported back in time where she meets Connor MacLean, Earl of something or other.  He talks like Sean Connery and is so physically attractive that Emmy believes he is a “god descended from the heavens.”

I have a soft spot for historical romances set in Scotland. Rather than put me off, the time travel aspect actually intrigued me.  I know it’s been used overmuch, but if done just right, I’m convinced that a good story is possible.  Case in point, Diana Gabaldon‘s Outlander series. I highly recommend it, but I digress.

Dr. Emmy MacKenzie is launched back to 1895 from present day Scotland. She is astonished to find that the laird of the castle, Connor MacLean, believes she is the wife who left him on their wedding day ten years ago.  Emmy tries to convince Connor and others that this a case of mistaken identity and she is, in fact, from the future.

I found Emmy MacKenzie to be crass and inappropriate.  She rammed her credentials (M.D.) down the throats of her fellow characters and readers.  She was not endearing; she made disparaging remarks about the habits and moralities of the castle’s inhabitants.  Victorian morality is certainly not in vogue today, but in 1895, I believe it was the height of style.

My biggest disappointment was the lack of a believable love story. I’m not referring to time travel.  The characters failed to convince me that they had fallen in love.  Lust? Yes.  Love?  No.

It remained a mystery why Emmy loved Connor.  He supposedly challenged her but I didn’t see it. He lacked a substantive personality. He swiftly relented to Emmy’s 21st century philosophies. Their conversations were not entertaining or enlightening. He was reserved (19th century style) and she blathered on using modern day slang — Believe me, buddy;  Are you kidding me?;  So what’s the deal?  This constant dissonance of modern day culture and Victorian times was jarring and distracting.

English: Duart Castle Seen in dramatic silhoue...

Duart Castle Seen in dramatic silhouette from the ferry to Craignure. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Does she or doesn’t she?

The momentous question is whether Emmy will choose to stay in the past or return to her own time.  Emmy’s ultimate decision made no sense to me, but perhaps I just didn’t “get” her.

I didn’t care for this book, but a lot of people on Amazon.com and Good Reads liked it.  This book was over a 1000 pages on my Nook e-reader, and it cost less than $5.00.  So if you’re looking for a fast read with a happy ending, this may be right up your alley.