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Everyone must make time to sit and watch the leaves turn.

~ Elizabeth Lawrence

Golden Light of Autumn. (See Acknowledgements and Attributions).

I opened the window this morning to a chilly breeze.  It was a pleasure to pull out a fall wardrobe.  Autumn had finally come.  Gone was the intense heat of summer. Two days ago we were in the triple digits.

The change of temperature was quite sudden, but not without happy anticipation.

Goodbye summer.  I’ll miss the juicy peaches and crunchy watermelons.

Hello there, boots and sweaters.

Fall is a time when the land (and the soul) turns into itself.  It’s a time for introspection, hot toddies, warm baths, fires, feather comforters and of course, autumn reads.

I started reading The Girl In the Swing by Richard Adams.  Mr. Adams is well-known for Watership DownThe Girl In the Swing is supposed to be a kind of erotic suspense novel.  I haven’t encountered anything erotic yet, and I’m on page 148.   Other reviews describe this novel as “haunting” and “disturbing.”  I haven’t come across that yet, either, but I have high hopes.

Alan Desland (who is a bit of a fuddy-duddy) discovers the love of his life on a business trip in Denmark.  After 10 days, he proposes.  She accepts.  He doesn’t seem troubled by the fact that he knows next to nothing about her.  He hasn’t met her family.  He doesn’t even know if she has a family.  He has no idea what she does for a living.  He doesn’t know if she has a bad credit history or how she likes her eggs.

I sense that the slow pace is merely a deliberate build up to something terrifying.  I wager that Kathe (the girl) is either a ghost, a vampire or a werewolf.  You know what they say, marry in haste, repent at leisure.  I’ll find out soon.

It’s sunset.  I hear the honking of the Canadian Geese flying over my house.  Autumn is definitely here.

Are you looking forward to fall or winter?  Perhaps you are on the other side of the equator and you are looking forward to some sunny weather. 

Or maybe you want to tell me that you’ve read The Girl In The Swing and that my guesses are completely off.  Either way, I always like to hear from you. 

Golden Light of Autumn was used with express permission by artist Katherine Cox (deviantArt user Serene-Topaz).