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A Knight In Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux.

A Knight in Shining Armor, the first book to b...Yes, it is as sappy as it sounds. Dougless Montgomery (Dougless is a woman) yearned for a marriage and a family.  She thought Robert, a successful orthopedic surgeon, would bring her happiness and respect from her family.  Instead, the good doctor turned out to be a first class jerk.  They were supposed to be enjoying a fabulous vacation in England, but he left her stranded in the English countryside without any money or her passport. He also turned out to be a penny-pinching, callous bastard.

Poor Dougless.  She couldn’t possibly call her super rich family for help because they would just laugh at her.   Dougless had a pattern of getting herself into scrapes;  she consistently fell for men who were unsuitable (think criminals).  What was a poor girl to do?  Weep, I guess.  And so she did.  Right on the tomb of Earl Nicholas of Thornwyck who died in the 16th century.

Doth mine eyes deceive me?   As Dougless cried, a man dressed in Elizabethan armor appeared in front of her.  Earl Nicholas heard her tears and was pulled through time to be at her side.

Tears can work wonders.   Well that’s not fair.  Apparently, if you’re a capable sort of gal, you get nothing, but if you’re incredibly stupid then you get your very own knight to take care of you.  All you have to do is cry for one.

I guess I can see where that sort of thing could come in handy. I can’t even cry my way out of a speeding ticket.  Once, when the officer pulled me over, I was so stoic that he probably thought I had an arrogant attitude.  Hello, traffic school.

Love Conquers All.  It turns out Nicholas was sent to the future to clear his family name.  Dougless was his savior.

The plot could have been interesting, but its execution proved a bit clunky.  It was overly sweet, and the Earl failed to capture my reader’s heart.

This book gave me the happy ending that I wanted, but one could have wished for a stronger heroine and a more loveable hero.

What do you think makes a good hero or heroine?