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Image courtesy of epSos.de via Flickr.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

I just finished making sure that Charlie finished addressing all his Valentine’s Day cards to the other children in his class. I double checked our cards against the list.  It’s a good thing I did because my child missed a name.  The last thing you want to happen is another child bursting into tears because your child gave everyone else a valentine but not him or her.  Children are so exasperatingly charming at that age.

My husband and I have no special plans for tomorrow.  I wish we did.  A dinner and movie sounds delightful.   But we will be busy bringing the children down from the sugar high that accompanies those little heart candies.   One of us will get dinner ready while the other will run the baths.  Nursery rhymes, not rhyming couplets, will rule the day.

And if I smell something rank coming from my little Lola, I will call out to Mr. LT that his daughter has a surprise for him.  I wonder if he will fall for it.  I’m sure he will.  He always does.

I hope you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day.  Here is one of my favorite poems by Shakespeare.

My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun;
Coral is far more red than her lips' red;
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.
I have seen roses damasked, red and white,
But no such roses see I in her cheeks;
And in some perfumes is there more delight
Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks.
I love to hear her speak, yet well I know
That music hath a far more pleasing sound;
I grant I never saw a goddess go;
My mistress when she walks treads on the ground.
     And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare
     As any she belied with false compare.