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Let the questioning begin.

Tanya at Green Paw-Paw tagged me back so let me answer her creative questions.  I wish I had come up with them, but since I didn’t, the next best thing is to answer them.  I won’t tag anybody, but if you are inclined to answer questions anyway, I hope you’ll do it.  Carpe Diem and all that.

1. If you had the power to ban a certain book, or certain kinds of books, however productive the outcome may be (think Twilight or Oliver’s Story), even if you knew a huge majority of readers might thank you for it, would you?

Nah, I wouldn’t ban any books, as awful as some of them are.  These books may not be my favorite, but they appealed to many other readers out there.  And who is to say that everything we read has to be awesome literature? That would be like saying I could never eat a McDonald’s burger, or buy cheap jewelry or get something at the $1.00 store.

If that were true, the diversity of books (and ideas) would be greatly decreased. That outcome is more revolting to me than the horribly written books.

Also, I’ve spent many a lovely time venting, railing and making fun of some of these books.  Please don’t take that away from me.  🙂

2. What is one book you wish you had written?

Gone with the Wind. It’s such a beloved story with great characters.

No wait.  The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.  I chose this because it’s just so beautifully written, and I can’t resist the idea of a secret place called the Cemetery of Forgotten Books.

It’s hard to choose.

3. You have finally achieved world domination and as new king/queen of the world, you need to fashion yourself a crown. But of course, you’re too cool for precious metals and the like. What would your crown be/be made of?

Silk from the very elusive Lapis-Lazuli caterpillar. When harvested at the right time, the strands are malleable but harden into something like titanium with a beautiful lapis lazuli color.

Yeah, I made that up.  I would probably just choose flowers because I’m very girlie.

4. Have you ever wondered how a doggie biscuit tastes and wanted to try?


Ahem, yes.  Mother Hubbard’s Dog cookies look like human cookies and have you seen the flavors? But no, I haven’t tried any.

5. Is there a book that you weren’t able to complete for whatever reason, but lied about it and told people you did? Which one?

No, I never have.

6. Your choice of instant pick-me-up food?

I have to steal Matt’s (at WantonCreation) response to this:

I presume this question is referring to picking me up when I’m down, and not food with which to chat me up at a drinking establishment of some nature (“Hey baby…want one of my chips?” “Well hello…”).

Now for my real answer:

For my pick-me-up food: French toast and California BLT’s.  But not together.

And for my picking-me-up food (as in hey baby want some of my chips?):  Any kind of dessert.  Hey gorgeous, how ’bout we discuss our favorite books over truffles and champagne?  By the way, if anyone has ever actually tried that line or been the object of it, please share.

7. If there was an appendage you could add to the human anatomy (wings, talons, a tail…), what would it be?

A tail.  It goes with my claws. And fangs.

8. If you could go back in time and stop a famous event from taking place, what would it be and why?

Granny said my time machine isn’t for doing such things.  And also, there’s a terrible curse for those that do.  I don’t know that I would ever do this, but some of the events that come to mind is the genocide of the following people:  (1) Jews by the Nazis;  and (2) Rwanda (approximately 800,000 Tutsis and their sympathizers were killed by Hutus).  These are not the only genocides in the history of the world, but these are the ones I know the most about.

The lovely books. (Image courtesy of Wikimedia).

9,10,11. All the book characters you’ve ever loved are people in your immediate friend circle. Who would you turn to:

This question is so cool I think my brain just exploded.  These questions were really tough. I’ve never thought about my favorite characters in this way before.

a) to make a bucket list with you and go all over the world fulfilling each item on the list?

Prince Kheldar of Drasnia or “Silk” as he is more widely known. Silk is a merchant, a thief, an assassin and a spy.  He knows the Drasnian secret language and is a master of disguises.  He is charming and can get you out of sticky situations.  If all else fails, he can exterminate your enemies.  (This character is from series The Belgariad and the Mallorean by David Eddings).

Fermin Romero de Torres (from Ruiz’s The Shadow of the Wind). He may not be anything to look at, but he has a heart of gold and the most loyal friend you will come across.  I would also trust him to give me advice about life and love.  He will probably crack a lot of dirty jokes, but I can always tell him to shut up. I don’t think he would get offended.

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser (from Diana Gabaldon‘s Outlander Series) because he’s the perfect mix of fighter and intellectual. He tames horses and can build a house.  In addition to Gaelic, he can speak Latin and French.  He loves books, but is a fierce warrior.  He has integrity and courage.  And he’s also hot.

b) to plonk down next to you on that patch of moon land you guys bought, feel awesome, and somehow keep each other from dying of boredom until the next space shuttle comes to pick you up?

Ramses the Great (from Anne Rice‘s The Mummy).  He’s an immortal, so I thought he’d be a good guy to have around only because he’s watched centuries go by.  He would know what to do about boredom.  I also figure he could tell me lots of stories.  And also, he’s hot.

c) when the world thinks you’re responsible for the attack on the entire human race by some random scary evil alien monsters and you are the only one who knows what they want but nobody will listen to you and you need somebody to help you save the world?

Okay well, I’m going to need a wizard (Belgarath the Eternal Man), a king (Belgarion), the princess (Ce’Nedra), a thief (Silk), a sorceress (Polgara), and the rest of our entourage.   These friends of mine are all to be found in The Belgariad and The Mallorean.

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